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Коллекция молекул с дурацкими названиями: http://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/sillymolecules/sillymols.htm

Ангельская кислота, собачий ошейникан, аполлоан и рокетан, гаечноключолол, селен-дион и другие. Целых четыре страницы этого добра (см. ссылки внизу)
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На электронную почту пришло поздравление с Днём флага от администрации нашего жилого комплекса. За поздравлением следует такая вот цитата (выделение моё):

"I am what you make me; nothing more. I swing before your eyes as a bright gleam of color, a symbol of yourself.” — U.S. Secretary of the Interior Franklin K. Lane, repeating words the flag had spoken to him.
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Очень смешно и очень правильно всё изложено. Я (точнее, мы с Максом Тегмарком) бы ещё только добавил(и), что в теории, которую предлагает Хьюв, информация возникает из ниоткуда.


...suppose that decoherence and macroscopic decoherence had been realized immediately following the discovery of entanglement, in the 1920s. And suppose that no one had proposed collapse theories until 1957. Would decoherence now be steadily declining in popularity, while collapse theories were slowly gaining steam?

Imagine an alternate Earth, where the very first physicist to discover entanglement and superposition, said, "Holy flaming monkeys, there's a zillion other Earths out there!"

In the years since, many hypotheses have been proposed to explain the mysterious Born probabilities. But no one has yet suggested a collapse postulate. That possibility simply has not occurred to anyone.

One day, Huve Erett walks into the office of Biels Nohr...


"All right," says Nohr. He sighs. "Look, if this theory of yours were actually true - if whole sections of the wavefunction just instantaneously vanished - it would be... let's see. The only law in all of quantum mechanics that is non-linear, non-unitary, non-differentiable and discontinuous. It would prevent physics from evolving locally, with each piece only looking at its immediate neighbors. Your 'collapse' would be the only fundamental phenomenon in all of physics with a preferred basis and a preferred space of simultaneity. Collapse would be the only phenomenon in all of physics that violates CPT symmetry, Liouville's Theorem, and Special Relativity. In your original version, collapse would also have been the only phenomenon in all of physics that was inherently mental. Have I left anything out?"...
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Sophisticated molecular machines have evolved in nature, and the first synthetic molecular machines have been demonstrated. With our increasing understanding of individual operating cycles, the question of how operation can be sustained over many cycles comes to the forefront. In the design of macroscale machines, performance and lifetime are opposing goals. Similarly, the natural evolution of biological nanomachines, such as myosin motor proteins, is likely constrained by lifetime requirements. Rather than bond rupture at high forces, bond fatigue under repeated small stresses may limit the mechanical performance of molecular machines. Here, the effect of cyclic stresses using single and double bonds as simple examples are discussed. Additionally, it is demonstrated that an increase in lifetime requires a reduction in mechanical load and that molecular engineering design features, such as polyvalent bonds capable of rebinding, can extend the bond lifetime dramatically. A universal scaling law for the force output of motors is extrapolated to the molecular scale to estimate the design space for molecular machines.

Следующая статья, наверное, будет про то, как у ферментов атомы стираются в каталитических центрах...
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...Which is to say that even after you know whether an object is blue or red, egg or cube, furred or smooth, bright or dark, and whether it contains vanadium or palladium, it feels like there's a leftover, unanswered question: But is it really a blegg?

...We know where Pluto is, and where it's going; we know Pluto's shape, and Pluto's mass - but is it a planet? And yes, there were people who said this was a fight over definitions - but even that is a Network 2 sort of perspective, because you're arguing about how the central unit ought to be wired up.
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Несколько цитат:


You may have noticed that people who convert to religion after the age of 20 or so are generally more zealous than people who grew up with the same religion. People who grow up with a religion learn how to cope with its more inconvenient parts by partitioning them off, rationalizing them away, or forgetting about them. Religious communities actually protect their members from religion in one sense - they develop an unspoken consensus on which parts of their religion members can legitimately ignore. New converts sometimes try to actually do what their religion tells them to do.


How do we explain the blindness of people to a religion they grew up with?


Today, we worry about Islamic terrorists. A hundred years from now, we'll worry about Buddhist physicists.


The landscape of rationality is not smooth; there is no guarantee that removing one false belief will improve your reasoning instead of degrading it.

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  • Falling Down – Created a new SharePoint project
  • Job Security – Written a LINQ query with over 30 lines of code
  • The Sword Fighter – 5 Consecutive Solution Rebuilds with zero code changes
  • Shotgun Debugging – 5 Consecutive Solution Rebuilds with a single character change
  • The Mathematician – Defined 15 local variables with a single character name
  • The Academic – Written 1000 lines of F#
  • Spaghetti Monster – Written a single line with more than 300 characters
  • Wild One – Mixed tabs and spaces for indentation more than 5 times in a single line
  • the rest... )

    (по наводке [livejournal.com profile] theirix, оригинал тыц)
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Только что-то не разберусь с ней никак.
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Вот тут рассказывается про людей, которые запрограммировали автоматическую систему для трейдинга, которая обставляет людей: http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/guest/25308/. Программа обрабатывает большое количество финансовых новостей и поминутные данные о стоимости акций и покупает либо продаёт те акции, которые по её прогнозу в течение ближайших 20 минут сдвинутся более, чем на 1% стоимости. Что характерно, дольше 20 минут она акции не держит.

Мне кажется, что такие системы нужно оупенсорсить. Предлагаю пофантазировать вместе: что будет с мировой экономикой, если все торги на бирже будут вести автоматические системы?

Что ещё показалось очень интересным в статье, это анализ использования слов в новостях, предвещающих движение акций вверх или вниз. Среди "плохих слов": hereto, comparable, charge, summit, green. "Хорошие": planted, announcing, front, smaller, crude (как в crude oil).
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During my research career in the field of superconducting materials, I have documented many cases of an ‘unidentified superconducting object’ (USO), only one of which originated from an industrial laboratory, eventually landing in Physical Review Letters.

Это из давней истории про фальсификацию научных результатов:
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Недавно было проведено наблюдение такого интересного явления, как нейтринные осцилляции.
Imagine a highway. All the north-bound cars are WHITE Toyota Camrys, and all the south-bound cars are BLACK Toyota Camrys. All the cars are moving very very very fast. At a certain point in the road, workers open gates that cause the two streams of traffic to plow into each other, head on. At the crash site, common sense would tell you that pieces of Toyota Camrys would come flying out, but instead, complete vehicles of other makes and models (Honda Civics and Nissan Sentras, many others, including vehicles larger than two Camrys, like Peterbilt 18-wheelers) appear instead. After a few seconds, some of these vehicles break apart, and become other vehicles, say a Peterbilt breaks apart and becomes a Ford F-150 and two Harley Davidson motorcycles. Particle physicists make a living by crashing different streams of vehicles into each other and observing the new vehicles that come out. They've put together a list of these, like "Peterbuilt --> Ford F-150 + 2(Harley Davidson Motorcycles)". They call this list the Standard Model. This new experiment shows that sometimes, after a while, one of the Harleys suddenly changes models, say from a Fat Boy to an Electra Glide.

Hope this helps.
via [livejournal.com profile] whoozle via /.
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Очень многие про это говорят, но профессору Джонсу, на мой взгляд, удалось едва ли не лучше всех:

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UPD: А в четверг в 17:00 играем живьём в прямом эфире акустику на телеканале "Серебряный дождь". Ещё поспамлю вас отдельным анонсом :)
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Стоило только поесть сегодня на обед фаршированного крабовым мясом кальмара, как гугл ридер выдаёт: "Резкий прыжок в величине и развитии головного мозга, следовательно и познавательных способностей гоминидов произошёл после освоения ими морского/речного рациона. Сенсационное открытие..." (http://www.membrana.ru/lenta/?10463). Ну, сенсационное или нет, неожиданностью оно точно не является, поскольку было предсказано ещё в 60-е, если не в 40-е годы прошлого века (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquatic_ape_hypothesis). Я уже давал ссылку на коротенькую лекцию TED на эту тему, вот ещё раз для тех, кто не смотрел: http://www.ted.com/talks/elaine_morgan_says_we_evolved_from_aquatic_apes.html


Jun. 3rd, 2010 12:03 am
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Читаю статью Merkle про обратимые вычисления на механических элементах. Суть вкратце: чтобы вместо erase результат вычисления unwrite, его нужно сначала uncompute. Ужасно интересно!
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SMBC объясняет "временной парадокс Ферми", или "если путешествия во времени возможны, то почему к нам никто не прилетает":

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Accelerating Future не выпускает меня из эволюционной тематики. На этот раз Гэри Маркус рассказывает про костыли в механизмах памяти. Очень интересно.

Gary Marcus at Singularity Summit 2009 -- The Fallibility and Improvability of the Human Mind from Singularity Institute on Vimeo.

Хотелось бы добавить, что возможно, смешение разных воспоминаний является таким вторичным эволюционным приспособлением для достаточно осторожной генерации новых типов поведения (следуя определению "творчество - произвольная ассоциация известных понятий"). Опять же - пример того, почему сама эволюционная запутанность затрудняет усовершенствование систем.


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